A message from the transplant team:

Unfortunately we meet families in the most unimaginable circumstances. However, we can never underestimate the bravery of our very special donor families.

The value of organ donation is one which benefits so many people and is a tribute to life itself. Cal was clearly loved by all who knew him. We don’t understand why tragic things happen to good people but what we do know is that the amazing gift he left behind is truly wonderful.

Jane & Lee

Donor Transplant Co-ordinators


A message from Graham Brushett:

Dear Jacqui,


I was given your contact details by Helen Bradley at Preston hospital. I cannot begin to imagine how you and your daughters are feeling so close to Calvin’s birthday. No family should have to experience what you have been through. I know from my own experience in talking to donor families that relatives do get some crumb of comfort from the awful death of a loved one. By helping five people’s lives Calvin has left a wonderful legacy. Your commitment to these other families is immeasurable.


I was very fortunate to receive a simultaneous heart and kidney transplant 30 months ago at Wythenshawe hospital. My donor was just 15. Transplants are a bitter sweet experience. My family have the joy of my life being saved; your family has the tragic loss to bear. There are thousands of people in the world Jacqui who owe you and other donor families a million thanks. You will be constantly in their thoughts and maybe in their prayers. Calvin will live on through their thoughts and deeds.


Helen said you want as many people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register as possible. Your website will encourage people to do just that. Be assured there are many other people trying to achieve the same goals.


Thank you for what your family have done – look after your daughters and may Calvin live on in the hearts and memories of many people.


Thinking of you all. Graham Brushett.


A message from Catriona:

Hi Jacqui,


I have just visited your website for Calvin which I came across whilst updating my links on my website Transplant Kids...I have tears rolling down my face.


What can I say..no words..other than I am so so sad to learn of your loss, such a tragedy, your little lad taken from you so soon.


I am Mum to 2 boys Aaron 12 and Jamie 11..Aaron was so unwell, he didn't come out of hospital till he was over a year old and at the age of 2 he had open heart surgery but needed a double transplant (liver & small bowel) to give him any hope of life. We were very fortunate Aaron got his Gift of Life when he was 3 yrs old at Birmingham Childrens Hospital, his donor was a 10yr old boy, he had been the victim of a hit and run, ( I am in touch with his Donor Mum (as I call her) and hope one day she'll meet our boy (just one of the kids) her son gave life to.


I'm crying again...I cannot ever thank this Mother enough, this Mother like yourself...at such a horrific time in your life losing your child you thought of others..organ donors and their families are my heroes.


Anyway am blethering..the reason I am contacting you is to ask if it would be OK to post a link to your website for Calvin on my Transplant Kids site? I think it's amazing and I want as many people as possible to visit it.


If you wish to read our lad's life journey then there's a link to his story as well as to Transplant Kids below...


Thank You! (((huge hugs))) Catriona x


TRANSPLANT KIDS http://www.transplantkids.co.uk/stories-Aaron.html